Make Payments Easily

Send and receive small amounts of bitcoin fast - using the Lightning Network.

Get started for free - in minutes! Connect easily with 2 QR code scans.

Our accounts take 3 BTC confirmations to become active -this can take between 30 minutes and a couple of hours, depending on network volumes.


Always Control Your Funds

We use an open source wallet where you maintain possession of your funds. You can check the code for yourself.

We never take "custody" of your assets.

Services that offer "custodial" wallets hold your money for you (a problem if they close or even behave badly).


Clear Pricing

We charge for accounts - to buy one or to refill. We dont mark up the small fees paid to the Lightning Network for routing payments.

Lighting Network routing fees are hard to see from your wallet.

Others don't charge for accounts but mark up the Lighting Network fees.

Making it Easy

Easy Payments on the Lightning Network.

We understand the need for small real-time, secure payments in cryptocurrency

So we started this site to enable easy access to the Lightning Network, the worlds leading crypto micropayments network, that does just that.

  • Easy instruction on wallet selection and setup
  • Send and receive payments for less than 0.1% on the first 0.1 BTC - using the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
  • If you need to receive more than 0.1 btc, easily set up an account on this site
  • Gift an account – connect to family and friends
  • Manage your account on our site - activate, withdraw, recharge, extend
  • Get notified when your account is about to expire - so you dont run out

Please note: We do not buy or sell bitcoin, or process payments. If you want to get bitcoin use the CashApp, Coinbase or even a CoinStar ATM in the U.S., or their equivalents in your country.

Many Benefits


On the Lightning Network you can send payments immediately, if you have the funds.

To receive you need to have a connection from the network to your wallet. We provide those connections through our Accounts.


Low Cost

Fees less than 0.1%.for the first 0.1 btc.

Receiving more than 0.1 BTC costs ~ 4% for the first additional 0.1 btc, and goes down quickly from there.


Small Payments

Cost effective for very small amounts. Capable of handling payments that are well below a cent.


No Big Bank Fees or Data Selling

Eliminates the expensive middlemen like banks, VISA or Paypal. So we don’t have to pass on their fees. We also don’t collect or sell any of your data


International E-Cash

Bitcoin is the largest and most accepted cryptocurrency, used by many to shelter from inflation and instability found in many currencies. It is fast emerging as the currency of the future.

Lightning Network Uses

Fun on the Lightning Network

The Lightning community has been growing at a dramatic pace, with new sites and services being introduced every day.

Have Fun!


Shopping sites have taken off on the Lightning. Our favorites include those that sell art, food from dispensing machines and even beer.


Hands down, our favorite is the remote chicken feeding service. Yes, you too can now pay for the delivery of food to a baby chick that you can see online. All for a few satoshis!


There are a large variety of games that are currently being offered using the Lightning Network. Some of the most known include Lightning Chess, Lightning Spin (Roulette) and Poketoshi.


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