Being Able to Receive More than 0.2 BTC is Simple.

Set up an account with us to do that from this site.

1. Select size - how much more do you want to be able to receive
Please note that this is the maximum amount that can be received at one time. After you have received this amount, if you want to receive more you can withdraw funds (withdrawing frees up space to receive more in your account), or buy a bigger channel.
    Fee:9 USD
    Fee:9 USD
    Fee:28500 Satoshi
    Fee:5 USD
    Fee:5 USD
    Fee:16000 Satoshi
    Fee:4 USD
    Fee:4 USD
    Fee:13000 Satoshi
The actual amount available for you to use will be adjusted for (refundable) reserves required by the network - related to the cost of the BTC transaction to close the channel. So the balance you see on your wallet may be slightly different that the capacity you select.
2. Select payment method
Right now we accept payments through the Lightning Network and through Mastercard and Visa.
3. Check Order
You will be charged for the amount of the fee. If you are paying in Bitcoin, we will apply the conversion rate from Coinbase at the time of conversion.

IMPORTANT: Due to fast changes in open costs on the blockchain, accounts must be activated within THREE DAYS (72 hours) of purchase!

15 Day duration begins on day of activation and lasts until end of 15th day from activation. This is the length of time we keep the Account open for you to receive.
Channel Size
4. Enter Your Email.
This is the e-mail we will use to provide you with a confirmation and receipt for your purchase, and any additional notifications that the Account has been activated, is about to expire or is closed.
5. Enter Recipient's Email.
The Recipient is the person you want to receive more. If you are buying this for yourself, you do not need to fill in this section. If you are buying it as a gift, the person you are gifting to is the Recipient.

You can also buy for yourself and gift it later (before using it).